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Zach Whalen

Underwater photographer and camera operator

Zach Whalen is a skilled cinematographer and marine explorer with a passion for capturing the beauty and complexity of the underwater world. As both a trained ecologist and imaging professional, he intimately understands the marine environment and uses his stunning photography to showcase the hidden lives of sea creatures and plants.

With a long-standing devotion to ocean exploration, Zach's journey began at a young age, snorkeling in the waters off San Diego and swimming with sharks as a teenager. Today, Zach is a dive instructor who teaches open water and advanced scuba diving. He always seeks to push himself to the highest technical levels of diving by using closed circuit rebreather and cave diving for underwater exploration.

While Zach's primary focus is underwater, his love of exploration extends to dry land. Through his wilderness survival training with Tom Brown, Zach honed his skills of observation and brought them to the forefront of his work, allowing him to capture the intricate details of life on land and in the sea. His work with the natural world has taken him from mountain tops in the Appalachians, mesas in the American southwest, to ancient cities in the jungles of Central America and South Pacific reefs in the Philipines. Available for projects large and small, follow Zach as he takes you on a journey through the alien landscape of the underwater world and shares the beauty of its creatures and plants with the world.

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